Comics Mixer App for Apple iPad

Make comics with comixer, the comics mixer for the iPad

It’s a puzzle, a game, and a comic in one!

Dozens of comic panels make it easy to create stories. They can be as long or as short as you want!

Name each comic and save it to your personal library.

Delight friends and family by emailing them your stories or posting them to Facebook.


Read your masterpieces in a custom digital comic book.

“This app drills right into the comics-making pleasure center in my brain.” — Eisner Award-winning cartoonist Jason Shiga

“I love it when I find an app that’s both educational and appealing to my older children.” — The iPhone Mom

“I love this app, and my kids had a blast.” — The iPad Fan

“Fee Fi Fo Fum.” — comixer Available on the App Store

Do not dry clean. Do not break iPad glass to remove comic book. The comics in Comixer are for entertainment purposes only; any likeness to living people is just a coincidence, except for the horse, who’s a hot dog vendor in Coney Island, New York. Do not use as a coaster. Do not attempt to staple your custom digital comic book. Comixer knows you didn’t floss your teeth every day even though you told your dentist you did, and Comixer is okay with that. Comixer is a proud supporter of comics, cartoonists and grilled cheese. Comixer is for humans only. Dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs and fish just won’t get it.